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The Living Room is Making a Comeback – Thanks to Connected Devices

The Living Room is Making a Comeback – Thanks to Connected Devices
As families reconnect in the living room, we look at the technologies that have driven us back together.
Ofcom, the UK communications regulator, have released their annual Communication Market Report and itprovides an enthralling insight into the way we use connect technologies in the home.
Over half (53%) of UK adults are now media multi-tasking while watching TV on a weekly basis and watching other content on a different device is one of these activities.
25% are regularly ‘media meshing’ – doing something else but related to what they’re watching on TV. Examples of media meshing include talking on the phone or texting about what they’re watching or using social networks or ‘apps’ to communicate directly with programmes. Choosing a video platform that enables you to publish your content to multiple forums and devices is key to a successful media initiative.
This is great news for video initiatives. The results show how your video content vastly enhances other content that you provide. Whether it’s an app or videos on your website, viewers are being drawn to other devices to find out more or share clips.
Online TV revenue in the UK has increased 12-fold in the last five years, from £21m in 2007 to £258m in 2012. Year on year, the total market grew by 40%. Online video is no longer for the young generation, it has become a constant medium for sharing information – whether that’s checking up on your favourite soap, cooking up your favourite recipe or learning how to create the latest hair craze, video provides the answers.
Seven per cent of UK consumers had a Smart TV at the end of March 2013. Of those 77% have connected it to the internet. With easy integration to create Smart TV apps, it no longer takes a huge development team to reach your audience on a big screen.
80% of UK adults now have access to the internet at home via a fixed or mobile broadband connection and with laptop and desktop internet users spending at least 35 hours online each month, video initiatives are key to drawing in your audience.
The increase in watching short video clips has risen to 48%, up from 31% in the previous year and the sharing of VOD (Video on Demand) requests has jumped from 3% to 12% between 2011 and 2012. Most interesting is the rise in children using tablets for education – four in five parents said their children used a tablet at least weekly and 76% of parents consider a tablet as a useful tool for entertaining and educating children. This is a huge win for the education and media markets, where video content can be used to engage younger audiences.
You can read the full report by clicking here.
In summary, the key indicators all point to building a strong video initiative that can be shared across multiple forums and devices. For more information on growing your online initiatives, check out our free webinars here:
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