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The Launch of The Kaltura Education User Group (Video)

Tuesday 19th March saw the launch of the Kaltura Education User Group in London. Kicking off at 11am, attendees met at The Harrison Pub in Camden to hear two great speakers, to share their experiences and to network.mark

First up was Mark Stubbs (@thestubbs), Head of eLearning at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU). Mark showcased how Kaltura, in unison with other teaching and learning tools, had changed the way in which the university teaches. MMU use Kaltura with Moodle, an open-source e-learning software platform. Kaltura provides a video building block that enables teachers to share videos of assignments, lectures, experiments and more with students, then empowers students to submit assignments, feedback and presentations to the teachers. Using video inspires creativity and brings teaching to life and the MMU team wanted to create engaging, well organized courses.

You can watch a video on the Manchester Metropolitan University implementation here:

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Mark said about the day “Great people, great atmosphere and really good to see Kaltura taking the right steps to build a supportive community around their product”.

Picture 004After a hearty lunch, the next speaker was Dr Sharon Flynn (@sharonlflynn), Assistant Director at the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching at National University Ireland, Galway. Sharon talked about their Kaltura implementation with Blackboard, a virtual learning environment and course management system. Sharon spoke about how quickly video had been embraced at the university and the vast difference it made to teaching and learning. The ability to upload video once but use it many times was key to the implementation, as was the webcam recording and student presentations. With low resources and the need to get buy-in from the wider university, the Kaltura features and Blackboard integration proved a real success both during implementation and during the role-out.

Sharon commented that one of her users had no idea that they were using the Kaltura platform – for me as a Kalturian, that tells me that the Blackboard integration is seamless and a real success.

Sharon created a great presentation which you can see here:

Both Mark and Sharon are thoroughly engaging speakers and their honesty and openness in sharing their experiences is invaluable to other users. The Kaltura User Group is a great way to encourage users to share hints and tips, to explore challenges faced and how to overcome them and importantly, to feedback their experiences to help drive the development of Kaltura.

As per Sharon: “[The Kaltura Education User Group] is a real opportunity for questions and discussion around the use of the tool for teaching and learning, challenges faced and overcome”.

KaltEDUUGStageIn addition to the excellent speakers, there was plenty of opportunity to “quiz the speakers” about their implementations, and quiz they did! The questions asked helped us all to learn more and proved to be a really great session in the day.

Throughout the event, the Kaltura team came in to meet the users and we also had a Solutions Engineer on hand to ask any on-the-spot questions.

As a Kalturian, the day was hugely important to me as you can never replace the opportunity to stand face-to-face with a diverse group of users who share their experiences. Open-source companies grow, develop and succeed as a result of sharing and also learning from their user base. The culture at Kaltura means that intimate sessions like these provide a real opportunity for us to advance the Kaltura Video Platform to meet and exceed the expectations and needs of our customers.

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