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The Kaltura Eagle Has Landed

We are happy to announce the release of our new version – Eagle.  (Note that Kaltura’s SaaS edition has been upgraded already and the CE and On-Prem versions will be coming shortly.)
So here are some of the key features in this great release:

  • New Upload Tab – upload and prepare media entries directly from the main KMC menu regardless of what page you’re working on.
  • Upload Control – manage and control your uploads, set priorities, track progress, and continue working in the KMC while your uploads continue processing in the background.
  • In Video Search* – use Kaltura’s new “In Video Search” API to search for a specific phrase within a library of videos and find the exact point in the video where the phrase appears.
  • Multi Lingual Captions  – upload caption files directly into the KMC in different languages and formats. Allow users to select their preferred language and caption setting.
  • Clipping and Trimming – create clips from existing videos, set in and out points – each clip becomes its own media entry encoded to multiple flavors, and can be downloaded, distributed and played back on any device. You can also simply trim the length of a video – all directly from within the KMC.
  • Advertising – insert cue-point and add mid-roll and overlay ads in any video.
  • Metadata Improvements and Related Files* – manage multiple metadata schemas and append related documents to media entries.
  • Advanced Ingestion Capabilities –
    • Control the order of ingestion, create “Draft Entries” with metadata and attach the video later*
    • Use your own transcoders, and ingest the output flavors to Kaltura*
    • Host videos at your preferred location and link to Kaltura*
    • Automate content ingestion using Drop Folders*
    • Seamlessly replace video assets for a Kaltura entry, media is replaced in all live and syndicated players

Note that all existing Kaltura accounts (SaaS) have been automatically upgraded to Eagle, certain features (marked * below) do not apply to all Kaltura packages. Eagle is fully backward compatible.
In the following weeks we’ll provide more information and cover some of the features in detail so you can learn more about this exciting release.
Read more at our Kaltura Eagle Release – What’s New document.
Stay tuned!

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