Technology in Education – A Forecast for 2018

Predictions for educational technology in 2018

2018 will see the rise of data-led student retention, flexible classroom design, digital transformation (and yes, VR) in our universities.

With vice chancellors’ pay and student debt seemingly grabbing all the headlines, it’s
sometimes easy to forget about the wonderful transformations undertaken by our
universities to enhance the student experience. Here are some key themes that will hopefully be creating a few positive headlines over the coming year!

1. Data-led student intervention

Standards like Caliper and xAPI will make it easier to intervene before students fail.

2. Rethinking classroom design

The move to digital campuses as part of a university-wide digital transformation makes it possible to rethink the traditional classroom design and inject more flexibility.

3. The consumerization of VR (and later AR)

Content used to be primarily text and images with a few educational videos thrown in for good measure, but the notion of what constitutes content has shifted radically – and now includes virtual spaces.

4. Digital transformation of the modern campus

Mirroring what is happening in the enterprise space, we will see digital transformationstarting to sweep through campuses in the race to scrap paper.

5. Learning to be digital citizens

In 2018 we will see more focus across the education spectrum on teaching young people how to be good digital citizens.

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