Teachers Community Releases Cheat Sheet Aimed At Helping Clients Use Kaltura

How Teachers Pay Teachers integrated Kaltura

These teachers don’t mind if you copy their homework.
Teachers Pay Teachers – the world’s largest online marketplace where teachers exchange tips and info with each other – put out a blog Monday describing how it integrated Kaltura into their platform, complete with helpful code and easy-to-understand charts.
Earlier this year, the online teaching community that boasts some 3 million participants picked Kaltura over Brightcove and Ooyala to amplify its video offering. Then they set about plugging the video platform into its system.
In a lively blog, Ryan Sydnor, the technical lead at Teachers Pay Teachers, described the challenges of the journey that eventually ended in success.
“As of now, we have an ever growing library of approximately 3000 videos that help communicate concepts across an enormous breadth of topics,” Sydnor wrote. “This foundation has paved the way for us to accelerate growth in our streaming video product and created new opportunities for our community!”
Since its foundation, Teachers Pay Teachers has generated $175 million in payouts to members and helped disseminate best practices improving education worldwide.
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