Taking Targeted TV to the Next Level: Winning NAB’s Product of the Year Award

This past month, Kaltura’s Targeted TV, together with our integration to 3SS’ 3READY solution, had the honor of winning the award for NAB’s Product of the Year 2019 in the category of AI and Machine Learning. We wanted to give you a quick glimpse into this new product, the technological advancements it offers, and how it can help you maximize your revenue and content possibilities through data-driven, targeted, and personalized TV experiences.

In early 2018, following market research aimed at identifying the top Cloud TV challenges, Kaltura invented a new solution – Targeted TV. This solution takes the abundance of data that Kaltura acquires from our API calls and other sources to create smart user segments utilizing AI and machine learning, and then allows the operator to create targeted business offers, and targeted content UX, and advertising, for these user segments. This allows the operator to continuously improve their business metrics for acquisition, retention, consumption, and monetization.

Kaltura Targeted TV is already adopted by tier-1 customers and is continuously evolving to include more tools for marketers to effectively reach out to their users.

As part of our Targeted TV evolution, 3SS 3READY is now pre-integrated with Kaltura Targeted TV, allowing Kaltura and 3SS to mutually offer a best of breed cloud TV solution with a flexible UI that supports targeted experiences for content, and commerce.

Targeted TV can create multi-dimensional segment associations. Such segments include user content interests, potential high-risk churners, likelihood to purchase certain packages, FCV, and more. Targeted TV  uses these segments as well as an agile commerce and content engine alongside 3SS’ ability to dynamically tailor the user experience on all client platforms including STBs, smart-TVs, mobile, web, and game consoles. Using the Targeted TV flexible layout and UI, together with in-app promotion support, enables the operator to offer the right content, promotions and business offering to the right audience.

Additional advantages the joint solution offers:

  1. Being able to stand out in the crowded Cloud TV market – with a targeted and personalized user experience that can carefully balance an operator’s desire to promote specific content, business offers, and UI with an entirely personalized experience
  2. Self-service experience management – using 3SS real-time experience control, the operator can easily designate different layout and content experiences to different user segments
  3. Self-service promotion management – using an agile commerce and content engine, the operator can promote different content, offers, discounts, coupons, etc. to different segments throughout the end-user experience
  4. In-app promotion – with a collection of promotion opportunities offered by 3SS such as Inbox, personalized content markers, screen messaging and more – the operator’s promotions can reach any user segment on every screen
  5. Hyper personalized experience – identification of user’s content interest segments as well as taking into account the operator’s promotion needs per target segment is blended into the entire experience where every search, content listing, and even the content editor’s pick is ordered considering the above elements
  6. Fast time to market – having a pre-integrated, end-to-end solution that on one hand can support agile commerce and content models, use pre-trained ML models to automatically build user segment and designate it to various target groups, and on the other hand present this targeted user experience over multiple template apps – enables the operator to launch quickly and effectively with constant ongoing improvements

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