Survey Results: Interactive Video Helps Keep Attention

Rachel Maltese
Updated February 19 2020
Rachel Maltese
Updated February 19 2020

At the end of 2019, we released our annual report on The State of Video in the Enterprise. This helped us understand more about how employees experience video in the workplace and how companies can provide effective video-based training and other content.


The data gave us a perspective on challenges that exist in video training. While employees made it clear that they do prefer to learn via video, making sure those same employees are giving video their full attention isn’t always as easy at it seems. In fact, more than two thirds of the employees who answered our survey admitted that they sometimes skim through training videos.

How much attention do employees give training videos?

The good news is that only a very small percentage of employees ignore video altogether. Which means it’s up to employers to make sure that the video learning they provide is as effective as possible and can hold the attention of their staff.


Luckily, our survey respondents reported that interactivity goes a long way towards keeping them engaged.

Can videos be created that hold employee attention better?

Interactive video has the potential to more than double the number of respondents who say that they always pay close attention to training videos. The more closely employees pay attention to training, the faster they can pick up new skills.


With different types of interactivity readily available from Kaltura’s Video Platform – including choose your own adventure formats and in-video quizzes – employers can keep employees focused and accelerate learning by varying the type of interactive experiences from one training video to the next.

How can companies make sure their video training is effective?

Video training is one of the best ways to enable your employees to excel. If you haven’t begun using video for employee development yet, make sure to include interactive features right out of the gate for.


If you’re already using video training, but haven’t yet taken the leap to interactivity, consider making that change today. Remember, you won’t have to reinvent the wheel, and the video you’ve already produced will remain useful. In fact, you can enhance videos you’re using for training by adding features like quizzes and learning path choice.


Whether your’e looking to improve your corporate onboarding, skill sharing programs, or employee development efforts, interactive video can increase effectiveness and provide a better experience for your staff. And it’s never too late to start!


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