Survey Results: Employees Prefer Video Training

Rachel Maltese
Updated February 6 2020
Rachel Maltese
Updated February 6 2020

At the end of 2019, we released our annual report on The State of Video in the Enterprise. This helped us understand more about how video is being used… and about how employees want it to be used going forward.


The data also gave us a perspective on what employees want in terms of training and other experiences where video is often viewed as optional. As it turns out, video doesn’t look optional at all.


In fact, more than two thirds of the employees who answered our survey let us know that they’d rather use video to learn a new task than have to rely on written instructions.

How do employees feel about video training?

Does age have an impact on enthusiasm for video training?

One exciting aspect of this finding, is that the preference for video education cuts across all generations in the workplace. Commonly heard concerns that older workers might be less comfortable with video turn out not to be true. In fact, members of Gen X are most likely to prefer video training.

What’s happening with that slightly lower preference for Gen Z? In some cases, these workers may be new enough to the workplace that they haven’t formed strong preferences yet. Another possibility is that this life-long Internet generation doesn’t just need video … but interactive video. Luckily interactive video options – including choose your own adventure formats and in-video quizzes – are readily available with Kaltura’s Video Platform.

What should companies do?

If you’ve felt hesitance about implementing video training, this data should help ease your mind. Video training looks like one of the best ways to enable your employees to excel.


If you’re already using video training, consider expanding your program. Make sure that training options include not just top-down education, but peer-to-peer education through informal knowledge sharing videos.


And, if you haven’t added video training to your corporate onboarding, skill sharing programs, or employee development, it’s never too late to start!

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