Survey Results: Employee-Made Video Content Has Room to Grow

Rachel Maltese
Updated February 25 2020
Rachel Maltese
Updated February 25 2020

At the end of 2019, we released our annual report on The State of Video in the Enterprise. This helped us understand more about how workplaces create and use video for training, communication, and  employee development.


The data gave us a perspective on challenges that exist regarding video training. While employees made it clear that they do prefer to learn via video, most companies aren’t yet utilizing video in a way that allows employees to share expertise with each other. Rather, they’ve been focused on a top-down approach, which leaves opportunities on the table.

Are companies empowering their staff to create video content?

Less than a third of our survey respondents said they had made video content at work. With video so popular as a training tool, we thought it was surprising that video training by employees for employees wasn’t happening more often. After all, people teach their colleagues new skills at work all the time. Wouldn’t it be more efficient to capture that type of training via video so it could be reused and standardized as needed?


This led us to wonder if perhaps the issue is that employees may not have access to video creation tools.


Are companies giving their employees access to video creation tools?

At least 50% of employees in our survey reported having access to basic video creation tools like webcams and phones, and only a third of respondents said employees at their companies had access to no video creation tools whatsoever.


That means that a lot of companies already have capabilities that would allow their employees to create knowledge sharing videos but aren’t utilizing them. These companies have as yet untapped opportunities to involve employees in shaping the culture and success of their workplaces. Additionally, these firms aren’t currently using either their human or technology resources to the fullest extent possible.

What can companies do to encourage employee-created video?


With at least 50% of employees having access to some sort of video creation tools, companies can encourage employees to capture the informal knowledge sharing already taking place as a way avoid duplicated efforts and share expertise. As employees get on board with creating and using this type of video training, organizations can look to expanding access to video tools to all employees.


With Kaltura’s Video Platform employers can manage and distribute this content, making sure it gets to the staff members who need it when they need it.

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