So Easy, Our Kids Can Use It!

Kaltura Personal Capture is so easy that kids can use it

We released our new Kaltura Personal Capture tool earlier this year, and we were trying to think of a way to show how easy it is to use. That’s when one of us said, “It’s so easy, my kid could use it!”

Well, that was just too much fun to pass up.

So we created this video. These aren’t actors – they’re the actual children of the actual New York marketing team. And they actually made their own presentations. (Trust me; I spent 45 minutes looking at stock images of dinosaurs with a five-year-old. My little dinosaur expert is VERY picky about his dinosaurs.) Hopefully they won’t hold this against us when they’re in high school.

We had so much fun. Which is what we hope you will have, as you create your own videos. Because making videos is awesome! Just maybe not as awesome as dinosaurs.

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