Simplify Multi-Device Video Publishing with Kaltura + Contentful

Whether across desktops, laptops, tablets or mobile phones, video is quickly becoming the number one medium for content consumption. To stay relevant and competitive, media companies need an easy and engaging way to deliver optimized videos to these devices while capitalizing on the opportunity for ad revenue and other forms of monetization. As part of a new partnership, Contentful launched an integration with Kaltura to help clients efficiently manage videos – along side other content needs – across any platform within the Contentful editing interface. This means that Kaltura customers can now leverage Contentful’s API to publish Kaltura video content across all platforms and devices built with their content management system.
Users of both Kaltura and Contentful can connect their accounts to search for, preview, select and embed Kaltura videos into their content pieces in Contentful. AZ Medien is the first customer to leverage the Contentful integration for Kaltura to streamline workflows and increase productivity.

“Contentful is a key component to streamline our content production workflow and make sure our products meet the high expectations of our readers regardless of the device they’re using. The integration of Kaltura within Contentful provides our editors with an efficient way to access the content from AZ Medien’s TV Stations from within their CMS. Optimal content creation workflows are crucial to meet AZ Medien’s business goals. Contentful and Kaltura are two platforms that greatly help us meet those goals.”
– Javier Vázquez Rodríguez, Head of Product Management – News Sites, AZ Medien

Unlike traditional web CMS vendors, Contentful is a content management system that allows for publishing on any kind of device. Contentful completely separates content from the presentation layer, structures content in a modular way, and delivers content via an API in a developer friendly format, making it easy for companies to publish editorial content across any platform or device. Companies using Contentful includes Nike, Playboy, Asics, Nasty Gal, and Jack In The Box.
To learn more or enable the Contentful integration for your Kaltura account, please visit the Kaltura Exchange.

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