Run the Perfect Webcast

11 Steps to a Flawless Webcast

Webcasting is increasingly a key tool for internal corporate communications. With
many companies more spread out than ever before, it’s no longer possible to get
everyone in the same place for a company meeting. Webcasting makes it possible to
align global teams and share a unified company vision, no matter where employees
are. When 92% of professionals believe video makes executives more relatable and
personal, using video is clearly the path to more effective executive messaging.
So how do you create the kind of webcast that helps your executives shine and
inspires your employees to take action? The keys are choosing the right platform,
rehearsing everything—and having a foolproof plan.

Steps to a Perfect WebcastUsing webcasts for business

1. Plan everything, both for content and production.
2. Test delivery outside the office.
3. Practice, practice, practice.
4. Treat your internal communications like you would external promotion.
5. Make sure the people you want, and only the people you want, can watch your webcast.
6. Create a presentation that can be navigated, both in live and VOD.
7. Don’t forget the Q&A.
8. Watch your live analytics.
9. Elicit feedback after the webcast.
10. Ensure your content’s lifespan continues after the end of the presentation.
11. Enable social sharing on your enterprise video portal.
Producing a great webcast takes more than just having the right tools (although the right webcasting tools help!). It’s about planning ahead, paying attention to details, and then following through after the event. No matter how amazing your presentation is, you need to hook your audience beforehand and then ensure that the recording is easily available for more effective, longer-lasting content.

Interested in more details on how to execute these steps to ensure a stress-free webcast? Download a free copy of our white paper, “11 Steps to a Stress-Free Webcast”.  Or join us on July 19 for a webinar “The Key to a Stress-Free Webcast” at 12pm GMT or 2pm EDT.

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