Guest Post: How Rich Products is growing sales with Videolicious and Kaltura

With $3.3 billion in annual sales, Rich Products Corporation is one of the world’s largest food companies and a leading supplier to food service, in-store bakery, retail, and industrial marketplaces around the world.
Like many products, Rich’s require detailed training to be used effectively. The company uses video to create engaging instructional content around its products. But, creating original video can be expensive, time consuming, and hard to scale.
“On average, the cost of a video tops $5,000. Logistically, having to pull people from different areas and hiring a video crew is not always feasible,” explains Kelley Wood, Rich’s digital and integrated marketing manager. To save money, internal product experts tried to make videos on their own—but even the most technically savvy team members would take six to eight hours per video, which limited the amount of content the team could create. And the few videos that they did make were housed in different places, making it difficult for employees to find and use them efficiently.
The challenge was clear: Rich’s needed a way to create a meaningful quantity of personalized, customer and product-specific videos that drive sales—and it needed a seamless way to deliver those videos to customers. After some research, the company turned to Videolicious and Kaltura.
Videolicious is a patented, automatic video creation platform that runs on mobile devices. With it, any Rich’s employee can create professional-quality video, complete with branding, messages overlaid with illustrative supporting shots, shot transitions, animations, and music—automatically, in seconds, on a smartphone. And Kaltura provides a quick, easy way to share that video with customers.
Rich’s sales team is using Videolicious to create videos that grow sales in three ways:

  • Product pitches. Says Wood, “Our sales team is looking at a customer prospect’s menu before the sales pitch, coming up with a concept, creating a video of that concept with Videolicious, and sharing it directly with the customer through Kaltura.” These videos have helped drive incremental sales from existing customers—and even yielded purchase orders for brand-new products never bought by those prospects.
  • Prospecting. Rich’s team members are using Videolicious to create instructional videos for specific products, onsite at prospects’ facilities. Personalizing each video helps prospects understand exactly how and why particular Rich’s products can help their companies. The prospecting videos have paid immediate dividends. In one instance, says Wood, “our sales team made a training video for a school. The entire school district purchased the product and used it exactly as we showed in the Videolicious video.”
  • Personalized thanks. Rich’s sales team is standing out from the competition by using Videolicious to make personalized thank-you videos that summarize each sales pitch. During onsite pitches, the team takes photos of the products on offer—then follows up with videos including those images, salesperson narration, and Rich’s branding. Customers love it because it’s engaging and informative—and, admits Wood, because “it makes us look cool.”

But the benefits go beyond coolness. Customer- and product-specific training videos yield an average sales increase of 12%. Giving so many employees the ability to create engaging sales tools dramatically increases the sales team’s ability to boost impact and make personal connections. According to Wood, team members have created “10 times more video content” with the help of Videolicious. “It has a very user-friendly interface, it’s easy to learn, and you deliver a great finished video without a lot of effort,” says Wood. “I’m a big believer in using this left and right.”
The videos Rich’s makes with Videolicious are seamlessly uploaded to Rich’s Kaltura MediaSpace video portal, which makes delivering the videos to customer prospects easy and secure. Besides the customer benefits of the Videolicious-Kaltura combination, there are “fantastic” internal benefits, says Wood: “Any Rich’s employee can go to Kaltura and see what marketing, or the food service division, or the in-store bakery division are doing. We can watch the Videolicious videos in Kaltura and learn from each other.”

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