Repurposing Video Transcripts to Create New Marketing Content and Win Over Leads

This is a guest blog post written by Shannon K. Murphy from 3Play Media, a video captioning and transcription partner with Kaltura.
Content Marketing was the buzzword for marketers in 2013. Some called it the new SEO. But content marketing is about more than getting found. With more services and marketplaces moving online, the days of a personalized sales conversation are over. A company’s website must do all the pitching now. Today’s consumers are also very media savvy, meaning they block out unwanted messaging. But there is hope. 7 in 10 consumers say they prefer to learn about a company through a collection of articles rather than in an ad. It’s understandable. Advertising is the equivalent of a sales person dropping in during a family dinner. Content feels like that same rep inviting you over for coffee and a chat.
With the popularity of online video content, it’s easy to see why brand engagement through video is so important to businesses. Nothing quite matches up to the dynamism of video storytelling. But do company videos have a life beyond the business website? Let’s take a look at how video transcripts can be used to create new marketing content, share valuable information in new ways, and drive customer conversions.
Content Marketing Is Easier with Video Transcripts
In a previous blog, How Captions and Transcripts Augment Video SEO Strategies, we spoke at length about the value of video transcripts for SEO. Essentially, valuable keyword content is overlooked because a search engine can’t watch videos. Video transcripts however, take this information and add to your site’s keyword density and knowledge base. Video transcripts are also a strong starting point for a myriad of content marketing options.
Blog Series: Looking for a way to post to the company blog consistently? Some videos may be too long for conversion into a blog post, so break it up. In the same way that a video progresses through concepts, you can naturally create a series examining a concept or topic, publishing weekly.
Website Copy & Support Documentation: Many corporate webinars focus on helping prospects understand the value of a service or how a product works. The transcript yielded from this video can be repurposed into persuasive website copy or support documentation. Give each a supporting video clip for multimedia engagement.
Case Studies: Don’t have a video testimonial? No problem! The original video could be an interview or panel from a conference session. Take compelling sound bites and edit them into a case study. This option also works well if video quality was less than optimal.
Slideshare Content: Great presenters and speakers usually share slide presentations after a talk. Unfortunately, the text accompanying these slides is often quite brief. Give your CEO’s presentation longevity and go beyond the event excitement by copying and pasting pertinent pieces of the video transcript into the notes section of each slide. This will enhance presentation discoverability and serve as a gateway to the site.
Email Newsletter Content: Don’t let inbox messages fall flat. Think about creating informative weekly email newsletters from a collection of video transcript text. Then drive recipients to the site with related articles and videos.
Whitepapers: An hour of video content is roughly 10,000 words which in turn, is approximately 20 typed pages. Knowing this, doesn’t a whitepaper seem a little easier to achieve than you thought? Video transcripts from related topics or a video series can be edited into whitepaper chapters.
Diversifying content offerings attracts more leads because each piece can appeal to customers in the way they would like to receive information. Personalization is hugely important to the online sales process. But so is repetition; social media, blog articles, company videos, podcast, downloadable pdfs, and webinars all further the customer journey. Don’t limit the engagement of video; expand the possibilities with video transcripts and content marketing

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