Power Users: The Key to Your Success

Who are your power users?

You’re in the Manager’s weekly meeting on Monday morning and the focus is communication. Top of the agenda is revamping how your folks at the top table share their vision with employees and also how your own teams communicate with each other across the globe.
Jack, the intern who has been working in the finance team for a year, is sitting in so he can learn.
Ideas are thrown back and forth and the managers ask Jack what he would do to see if he has any bright ideas.
“I would do the same as I do in my personal life: use video.”
video power usersThe managers say that’s all very well, but there’s a company policy against using YouTube and they don’t have budget to deploy a new solution.
Why is Jack the most important person in the room? Because Jack is a Power User. He’s the only one in the room that knows about the video platform the Training team invested in two years ago but never really used as the person who implemented it moved on.
When he joined, he looked through SharePoint and found a page where the founders had created three minute videos about themselves and about why they started the company. Team leads had recorded intro videos with a summary of their team’s responsibilities and goals as part of a launch initiative a couple of years ago and they are on these pages too. As he searched, he found short training videos covering the company’s internal software tools which helped him onboard. He watched the recording of the last conference on an old marketing page to see what the direction was for the current year. He joined the football team and plays tennis on a Wednesday lunchtime because he saw a video created last year at a company away day where a guy talks about organising these. Jack probably knows more about the founders, the managers, the goals, the company vision and the social activities than anyone else in this room.
Because Jack is an intern in a different team and hasn’t been in the company for a long time nobody thought to ask him about the communication initiative. How could they possibly know that he’s utilizing all the tools the company already has to help him onboard and communicate? The IT team, the HR team and the events team are creating content to be circulated amongst themselves but it’s not being surfaced across the whole company.
Average users probably use 10-15% of the capabilities of the platform, Jack consistently works with upwards of 50%. Jack can see that thousands of people have watched the conference video from last year because he can see the ‘likes’ and ‘viewed’ statistics. The events team recorded it as a one-off trial and haven’t viewed it since so they have no idea of the marketing opportunity they are missing. Jack learned to use the SharePoint platform because the IT team recorded a screen capture showing how to navigate around. They are about to upgrade it to the next version and they have a large expense to get a trainer in to train the staff globally on the new version. Had they checked the analytics, they would know that teams across the globe used this video last time and they don’t need a trainer, they just need a new video.
Your Power Users will roll out your platform for you. They will help you work smarter, faster and as a global team which will bring happy employees and a better bottom line. They will train by example and they will have the best ideas on how to make your platform a roaring success. You’ll find them in the most unexpected of places so sign in, find out who they are, reach out, and let them help you become Kings of your Internal Communication.

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