The Most Popular Enterprise Video Use Cases

What enterprise video use cases are most popular?

Two weeks ago, we released our fourth annual State of Video in the Enterprise 2017 report. We’ve already shared an infographic showing some of the highlights of how companies around the world are using video, but in the next few weeks, we’re going to dive into some of the details. First up: enterprise video use cases. What are businesses actually using video for?

External Enterprise Video Use Cases

Businesses use video for a number of different external purposes. We chose a few of the most common uses (which honestly only scratches the surface.) Companies are using video for marketing, sales, training customers or partners, customer support, and broadcasting public events. Brand awareness (such as website videos, social media, advertising, and other marketing activities) was the most popular purpose, with 62% of respondents reporting that their company uses video here.
external enterprise video use cases
When only large companies are considered, we see that these numbers increase significantly: 73% use video for brand awareness. Nearly half use video for sales and for customer/partner/integrator training. Notice the relative jump in broadcasting public events, to 46%. Unsurprisingly, mass broadcast is much more likely to be done by larger corporations. That nearly half of the large companies are broadcasting such events, though, is worth mentioning.

Internal Enterprise Video Use Cases

Video is not just for external communications, though. How a business uses video internally can be just as important. The most popular of purposes by far was employee learning, development, and compliance training. Not surprising – video training has a pretty solid track record by now. It’s one of the most efficient ways to train people at scale. 69% of our respondents reported using video for training and learning – 89% of large companies. Corporate communications (town hall meetings, recorded messages, initiative launches, and the like) was also very popular, with 59% of the general population and 84% of large companies using it. And 69% of large companies are using employee-generated video for sharing best practices, how-to tutorials, and more.
internal enterprise video use cases

How Many Different Purposes Can Video Have?

One interesting (but not really surprising) thing we found was that very few companies use video for only a single purpose. Most are using it for a number of different purposes, both internal and external.
When the full range of use cases are considered, both internal and external, nearly everyone (93%) reports using multiple use cases. 10% using it for more than 9 different purposes! (Only 6% of all companies reported using video for just internal purposes. Just 3% reported using it for just external purposes.)total number of video use cases
When you look at just large organizations, there’s an interesting clustering effect. 91% used it for more than one use case. But the larger companies topped out at 8 total uses, with no one using every available use case listed. This may be a result of more rigid silos in larger companies.
One thing is very clear, though. When it comes to video, businesses are getting very creative in how widely they can use these tools.

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