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Delivering corporate podcast to mobile devices

Yesterday, I was talking to a client (who shall remain nameless; let’s just say they’re a major international corporation you’ve definitely heard of). With so many employees spread across so many business units in so many different countries, keeping everyone on the same page is a major concern. They’ve taken a page from the millennial media handbook and taken advantage of the fact that a video portal can deliver not just video but audio files as well. They’ve started corporate podcasting!

We’re not talking about just one podcast, though. They have hundreds of podcast channels going now, approaching a thousand. They’re covering a wide variety of topics, too.

  • Some are organization updates from the leadership of different parts of the company. It’s always hard to keep an organization this large connected, and employees rarely get an opportunity to talk to leadership. Executives are doing podcasts to help keep people up to date and to provide a more personal connection. It’s also another way to remind people to be proactive in their own engagement. Leaders push their listeners to get onto the company social platform and talk more to their colleagues.
  • A huge number of podcasts are also organized around interest groups. They feature news and the latest thinking in that area. Listeners tune in to stay on top of developments in that particular space.
  • Some are just fun! For example, one channel teaches how to meditate.

Corporate Podcasts on the Go

There’s a lot to be said for live broadcasts. But podcasts are definitely leveraging some of the advantages of on-demand media. The company’s employees can listen in whatever time zone they live, at whatever time is convenient for them. For the employees who work in parts of the world with less reliable connections, they never have to worry about getting decent quality audio.
Maybe most interestingly, many listeners are tuning in not at their workstations but on their mobile app. On the train to work in the morning, in the park at lunch, wherever they go, they can easily catch up on their news. Getting a connection isn’t even necessary—they can download the podcasts and listen offline. It’s easy and convenient, making it possible to fit updates into their busy lives.

Other Uses a Mobile App for Corporate Media

This particular company isn’t the only one I’ve talked to recently who are taking advantage of the mobile video portal app. An international accounting firm has a similar mobile-based video programming. Theirs, on the other hand, is more focused around training materials. Workers can easily stream or download training videos on a huge range of topics.

Whatever the topic, today’s employees are looking for media they can consume on the go. Corporate podcasts can be a great way to make media delivery easy. So as you plan your corporate video strategy, make sure you provide not just a player that’s native to mobile, but content your employees will want to review even while they’re away from their desks.

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