Perspective on Recent Shake Ups in the Edtech World

As many of us in the ed tech community closely follow the product launches, progress, funding, investment and trends of the sector  – some major news this week from Mediacore and our partners at Civitas Learning this week.  First, Mediacore.
This one made me scratch my head a bit.  While the news won’t make front page headlines on as a major transaction, it’s an interesting acquisition in the ed tech space. It appears to be an asset sale, where Workday was impressed with the product, seeing a feature gap across its platforms and Mediacore being just mature enough, but in no way massive in reach to end customers that an asset integration likely made sense to buy instead of build.  Workday can round out their ERP and learning platforms plug gain the video centric knowledge and UI skills of the Mediacore team.  It will be interesting to see if Mediacore remains a stand-alone offering or if support for the toolkit goes away eventually.
James and the team at Mediacore are slick designers, technologist and built an elegant tool.  We (Kaltura) started paying attention to them from day one they entered the streaming space and while they were competition we rejoiced in their great work, the push they gave us here at Kaltura to think harder/design better in certain areas and finally compete for simple LMS integration opportunities at times.  So congrats James and team!
In parallel, this is yet another sign of how important video is to education and user experiences.  While many systems today still treat video as an object like a PDF or word file, WorkDay recognized a potential advantage they could bring to the market by videofying their experiences.  With close to 60% of all internet traffic being video these days, another sign that video is the preferred communication and engagement method across verticals.  Kaltura’s sole business is creating amazing video experiences across a broad spectrum of industries. Universities, school districts and ed tech companies all leverage Kaltura using our box integrations or flexible API framework to deploy video effectively into their systems and processes.
Finally, nothing more than kudos to Charles, Mark and the team at Civitas.  Major investment round to continue the much-needed work and advancement in actionable analytics and insights to improve student learning outcomes, retention, and student intervention.  While this likely signals and eventual exit of Civitas in the future (due to funding returns expectations), it does open up the possibility for greater reach for the company.
As the Mediacore community begins to make transitions or considerations we are happy to engage in discussion and look forward to supporting your future video creation, management, distribution and outcomes improvement needs.  Feel free to contact us here to learn more about the Kaltura solution.

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