Personal Capture: Putting Video Creation in the Users’ Hands

using capturespace for personal video capture

Experts increasingly agree that video provides a powerful tool for education. But not all faculty and staff feel comfortable with sophisticated recording devices and editing platforms. Campus IT and AV teams lack the time to get involved every time a professor wants to record a video. How can schools make it easy for their staff and students to create the volume of video today’s education increasingly requires?
Northern Essex Community College (NECC), a two-year community college, spreads across two campuses in northern Massachusetts. The faculty worried about incoming students who needed an oral rather than textual presentation of material. “They would hit a wall of text and stop,” says Minh Le, Media Specialist. Students today turn immediately to YouTube when they want to find the answer to a question. So faculty needed a way to create video content, and lots of it, to meet their students where they found them.
So NECC decided to provide students and staff with a personal video capture tool. With it, they could create their own video assignments, course materials, demonstrations, personalized feedback, and more, right from their desktop. With Kaltura CaptureSpace, users could record screen captures, presentations, webcams, or even just audio. The result? A searchable, interactive video viewable on any device. Viewers navigate to desired content, search through slide text, switch between video streams, and view picture in picture.
Software-based tools made scaling up easy. And offering desktop-based instead of browser-based tools made it far more reliable and easier to use. Giving faculty tools to create video without needing to go through the media team opened up the creative floodgates. Even more important, video could meet the different needs of very different departments. Suddenly, they enjoy easy personal video capture!

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