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Open Source Business Models – Where does Kaltura fit?

Often when we speak to both community members and potential commercial clients we get questions about our business model.
These questions range from the classic:
“If you are open source, how do you make money,” to the more skeptical, “How can you charge for any of your services or code if you are open source.”
Indeed, the open source business model landscape is complex.  The genesis of open source projects  (be they community, foundation, or privately funded) is as varied as the models that many OS companies use to monetize their code.
Kaltura is unique in that we are one of a limited set of companies who launched an open source project in parallel to a commercial business. We are also using both a dual licensing model as well as a SAAS offering to grow the commercial side of our business.  Yet, the model we are using is rooted in a tradition carved by many a famous open source company before us.
Given the amount of confusion in the market, both within the Kaltura community and among developers more generally, we started a series on Open Technology Blog to clarify the landscape of open source business models and the emerging “commercial open source” licensing model used by increasing numbers of startups.
These posts lay out the basics, but we hope you find them helpful. And if you think of other companies we should add to our categorizations, please do add in the comments!

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