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We proudly introduce the new revamped . The site is aiming to provide the entire HTML5 video community with ton of valuable information, comparisons between the different HTML5 media players available and everything a HTML5 developers need to know to create awesomely engaging HTML5 web video experiences! So step right into:

HTML5Video Site

Few of the exciting new features –

  1. Deep feature comparison of various HTML5 player libraries –  This actively maintained comparison of html5 players brings an up to date market research of the available open source HTML5 media players including examples, feature comparison and how to use each solution.
  2. Documentation about the Kaltura HTML5 library.
    1. Introduction to the Kaltura Html5 Video Library.
    2. Getting Started with Kaltura Html5 Video Library.
    3. Kaltura’s Library Features compatibility chart.
    4. Tracking the KDP3 – HTML5Video Library Compatibility.
    5. Html5 Video Library FAQ.
  3. News and Blog sections keeping you up-to-date with the latest news about HTML5 video.
  4. The release of the TestSwarm (@ – an automated JavaScript front-end testing environment for the open source Kaltura HTML5 library. This environment helps us make sure things don’t break as easily by testing as many use-cases possible on as many browsers and devices. This of course comes in addition to standard QA every release, but will greatly help us be prepared with less bugs for QA to pin – If you want to help making the library stable and truly cross-platform, go that link and periodically run tests on your browsers and devices. Thanks! : )
  5. Source code collaboration environment (@ – Allows you to track latest activity on the Kaltura Html5 Video library development, contributions made by each developer, and also where you can find other great projects, like that sweet video gallery at
  6. Mobile support – Try browsing the site from your iOS, Android or Blackberry device.

You can read all about the site and more updates coming next month on the blog –

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