New Features for Pitch: Video Replies, Saving, and Links

Lior Benderski
Updated May 21 2020
Lior Benderski
Updated May 21 2020

Exciting days for all you Pitch users! There are some new features released recently that you all should be aware of:

Video Replies

reply to a video message with a video

Remember that feeling you had when you first received an email notification that a recipient watched your video message? Now imagine getting that same feeling when someone replies to your message with their own video.


We’re delighted to offer a new option in the video message page: Reply. Your recipient gets a video message. They click Reply, and video recorder pops out. Now they can record their own video reply! (They can also add text, if they want.) The reply gets sent back to the original sender.


It’s clear that if someone watched your video message, they’re somewhat more engaged. But an actual reply? That proves they’re interested in what you have to say.


Want to make sure they notice this new option? Here’s a tip: mention the option to reply in your video message. Say something like: “Feel free to reply and tell me what you think,” so they think to look for the reply button.

Save a Video Message

It turns out that a lot of you create messages and aren’t ready to send them right away. We got a lot of requests for an option to save a message before sending it. It’s easy!  Create your video message and hit the Save button. The video message will be available for you in the main My Messages page. You can send it when you feel ready.

creating a link for a Pitch landing page

Pitch Links

There’s another functionality now available with the Save Video message option. Since the saved video message is actually a message that wasn’t sent yet, it’s possible to grab its link, share that link anywhere, and get analytics on how many people watch it.


If you want to create a dedicated URL to share, e.g. for social networks, that’s possible as well. Need a fast landing page? Want to track views without having to dive into multiple social network analytics pages? Create a custom link, add a channel and source, grab the link, paste in a specific place you want to track, and get analytics per link. It’s that simple!

metrics on how your video link performed
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