New Feature Spotlight: Express Capture with Dual Stream

Sam Thompson
Updated October 27 2022
Dual Stream Express Capture
Sam Thompson
Updated October 27 2022

New feature spotlight: Dual stream express capture 

So, this is a big one, Express Capture just got a lot more powerful. Now you can capture your screen along with your webcam without leaving your browser. In this New Feature Spotlight, we’re going to show you how and when to use Express Capture, explain the differences between dual stream Express Capture and Kaltura Capture, and highlight some great use cases for Express Capture with the new dual stream functionality. Let’s go! 


Umm, what’s express capture? 

Good question! Firstly, you can find everything there is to know about Express Capture in the Kaltura Knowledge Center. But, let me save you the click for a moment. Express Capture is a browser-based tool that lets you access your webcam directly from the browser to easily record a video like a welcome message or a quick presentation. After recording your message, the video is automatically processed (no need to upload your video file) and all you need to do is fill in your metadata then publish it. Simple!


Ok, what’s new? Well, up until now, Express Capture only provided you with the ability to capture your webcam. If you wanted to capture your screen as well, then you had to use other tools like Kaltura Capture. With the latest update to Express Capture, you can capture your webcam and screen at the same time. So, if you want to quickly show someone how to add an opportunity in your CRM or help a student find their course material, all you need to do is click the red button and get started. 


Express Capture now lets you capture your screen alongside your webcam. Wonderful! But, when I say dual stream capture, does that mean anything to you? Just to be sure that we’re on the same page. Dual stream capture means that we are recording two streams at the same time – your webcam and your screen capture. When playing the video back through Kaltura your viewers have viewing options such as watching: 

  • One stream or another in full screen
    Full Screen Player
  • Both streams side by side
    Dual Stream View Player
  • Picture in picture
    Picture in picture player


Capture capture capture 

By now, we’ve said the word “capture” twenty times. You can capture your webcam and capture your screen by using Express Capture or Kaltura Capture and that’s a lot to capture. For those that are already familiar with Express Capture and Kaltura Capture, the lines might be beginning to blur between the two products. See the table below to get a more detailed picture of their differences.


Feature  Express Capture  Kaltura Capture 
Accessed from  Browser  Windows or Mac application 
Works with Chromebooks  Yes  No 
Audio capture  Yes  Yes 
Camera capture  Single camera  Up to 2 cameras 
Screen capture  Single screen
That’s new! 
Up to 2 screens 
Dual stream capture  Yes
That’s new! 
Max recording length  30 minutes  n/a 
Annotation and whiteboarding  No  Yes 
Automatically chapters by slides from PowerPoint  No  Yes 
Deploy via SCCM  No  Yes 
Pause/Resume Capture  No  Yes 
Save recording to desktop  Via download option  Yes 
Set camera and screen capture resolution  No  Yes 
VDI Compatible  Yes  No 


To highlight the key differences mentioned above, let’s look at the same video recorded using Express Capture and Personal Capture.

Express Capture

The following video was recorded with Express Capture. My webcam and screen are being captured. Checkout the player controls to change the displayed video streams.


Kaltura Capture

The following video was recorded using Kaltura Capture. My webcam and screen are being captured. As with the Express Capture example, you can change the displayed streams. You can also see that the video is chaptered automatically per displayed slide and that the text on each slide is indexed – click the menu in the top left of the video to jump to a specific slide or search for text on a slide.


4 times Express Capture is the tool to use 

Express Capture is easy-to-use, completely browser-based, and improves workflows for creating and sharing videos. The use cases are endless, but we thought it’d be helpful to highlight common ways you can get the most value out of it.

1. Quickly create & share how to or explainer videos

With the addition of screen capture, you can now easily create how to videos. The average number of SaaS applications used by organizations is 110. Chances are that regardless of your role on your campus, you’ve had to explain to someone how to access a specific tool or format something the right way or generate a report or direct them on where to search. You get it. Minimize the back-and-forth emails or endless chat messages and just show them using Express Capture.


2. Showoff your projects without the overhead

Maybe you’ve had to design a webpage or worked on a project on software that is difficult to share with your peers. Use Express Capture to walkthrough your projects, highlight what you accomplished, and present your work with your voice and direction.


3. Get quick feedback on your presentation run through

Use Express Capture to quickly record a run through of your presentation or even have your students record their own presentations for feedback or as an assignment. After the video is recorded with Express Capture, it can be available in your KMS channel or LMS video courses with a push of a button.


4. Express Capture works on Chromebooks

Many students use Chromebooks provided by their schools. Unfortunately, many applications are not suitable for Chromebooks. Express Capture works directly through the browser – including the Chrome browser – which makes it possible for students to create their videos from the devices they are provided.


How do I capture my screen with Express Capture? 

Just as a reminder, you can find details on how to use Express Capture and a whole lot more in the Kaltura Knowledge Center. In the meantime, we can show you how easy it is. Here’s an example on how to use Express Capture directly through an LMS. 

  1. Launch Media Gallery from a course in your LMS 
  2. Click the + Add Media button 
  3. Click Add New to display the Add New menu 
  4. Select Express Capture 
  5. Choose the camera and screen you want to capture* 
  6. Press the big red button – that’s it! 

*You may need to adjust your browser and/or operating system permissions to allow Kaltura and the browser to access your camera and capture your screen.


Things just got a lot easier and more interesting now that you can capture both your webcam and screen with Express Capture. Without ever leaving your browser, just click the big red button to start recording your next how-to video or welcome message. Not only does it help you create better videos, but it also provides a better viewing experience for your students and learners. We’re excited to see and hear about the creative ways Express Capture helps you unleash your inner creator. Check it out, it’s already available to you!