New Entry Assets – Captions and Attachments

Kaltura’s new Eagle version introduced 2 new assets publishers can now attach to media entries: Caption assets (CaptionAsset Service in the API), to hold subtitles/captions of video assets and related files attachments.

We currently support captions of type: SRT and TimeTex (TTML / DFXP) files.

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In-Video Search:

But why stop at subtitles, the caption files, now also make the video searchable, to the time in the video where words are said.
Click Here for the showcase of in-video search developed by our KDP master Hila Karimov.
The demo lets you search captions throughout the movie, hit the search button to find the position of the text in the text box. (See if you can find the most frequently said word…).
Here are few use-cases; Analysis of political debates, searching through long lecture, interviews and speeches.
Have more use-case in mind? The code is @ our GitHub account over here, play around, fork it and let us know what you come up with!

Related Files:
The second asset is Related Files (AttachmentAsset Service in the API). Related Files are attachements to the media entry, that can be managed and served in addition to the media. The common use cases include: the license for the media asset, the plot or presentation files related to a video or basically any other file you’d like to save next to the media asset.

The Server-side for this was developed by our senior core developer TanTan.
We’re very happy that video will be fully indexed and searchable, and very excited to so what great features you come up with using these new APIs and tools.

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