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DFP is an ad platform with SDKs for Flash, HTML5, iOS & Android

Kaltura has been a long time partner for Google’s DoubleClick interactive media ads platform. Kaltura has included full featured support of IMA3 within the Flash player and was one of the first partners to integrate IMA3 for HTML5. With the transition to lead with HTML5 partners have been able to take advantage of desktop HTML5 player experience with full ad integration.
But ultimately the IMA3 HTML5 ‘everywhere’ approach has limitations. Ad networks have been slow to fully adopt HTML5 VPAID, so flash based VPAID creatives are still very common on desktop platforms and only playing javascript VPAID can limit your ad fulfillment. In native environments certain device identifiers such as advertisingIdentifier and AdvertisingIdClient which are only available to native application contexts in iOS and Android respectively. Also certain ad inventory such as direct links to app store installs are generally only trafficked in the respective native application environment. These factors combine to hurt overall multi platform CPM value. With native implementation everywhere you can maximize CPM value.
The Kaltura unified universal player toolkit, is designed specifically to avoid these trade offs. The player maintains the benefits of consolidated configuration and HTMl5 / CSS visual representation with none of the sacrifices against delivery of native ad inventory. In this blog post we outline the architecture that makes this possible and share our work with google on this trail blazing effort to towards simplifying ad management across native, HTML5 and desktop.

player architecture overview
Kalutra Player Toolkit Architecture Overview

The Kaltura player toolkit architecture pictured above is what enables this consolidation, by building a robust API to native player playback interfaces, the player framework can seamlessly configure and make use of these native plugins within the receptive native frameworks. This is dissimilar to video tag style emulation that attempts to simulate a video tag within the alternate playback interfaces and instead the Kaltura player is able to take advantage of native integrations within each respective platform. From the above architecture diagram you can see the DFP integration is actual comprised of four separate IMA3 integration projects for the respective android, iOS, HTML5 and Flash SDKs. This brings all the advantages of native DoubleClick integration across platforms without the cost of integrating, configuring, skinning and maintaining four separate native player SDKs.

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