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Tips for video syndication

You have great video content. But in today’s fragmented media landscape, it’s going to take a great distribution plan to fully monetize that content. The key to any monetization plan, of course, is getting that content out in front of as many viewers as possible. But how do you do in order to get the highest value for your content? How do you do that without losing control of your intellectual property? And are all viewers created equal?

Use Cases for Video Distribution and Syndication

There are three reasons for distributing or syndicating your video content.

  • Increase revenue: More eyes on your content mean increased ad monetization.
  • Increase marketing reach: More of your content on other sites means greater overall brand recognition and greater reach for your clips and shortened videos.
  • Increase SEO: More good links to your site means higher rankings.

What’s the Difference Between Video Distribution and Syndication?

The industry in general isn’t particularly good about differentiating between these two, and many people even use the terms interchangeably. But there are different ways of putting your content on other people’s websites, and advantages and disadvantages to both. So we talk about them as two different but related ideas.
Distribution: When you distribute your content, you send just the content files themselves. The host plugs those files into their own player.
Syndication: When you syndicate your content, you embed the entire thing as a package—the content itself and a video player of your choosing.
While the big social media platforms dominate the landscape, audiences can be found scattered across an ever-greater number of sites across the web. The key to a successful monetization strategy today is to re-aggregate your potential audience by spreading your content out to increase their chance of stumbling on it and then sharing it, and ultimately coming to your site to find more.
Make sure you choose the video tools that will make it easy and convenient to distribute or syndicate your content to wherever your audience might be found. Your content is your most valuable asset; make sure to both take full advantage while protecting it. Kaltura offers a flexible, modular platform that supports a wide variety of business models and use cases for both syndication and distribution across many of the most popular platforms around.

Want to know more about video distribution and syndication? Download our guide: “More Eyeballs, More Revenue: A Guide to Video Content Syndication and Distribution“.

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