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Migrating from MediaCore

When Workday acquired MediaCore, an announcement was MediaCore alternativemade that MediaCore support would be ending on August 31, 2016. For the educational institutions and businesses that depended on MediaCore for their video needs, Kaltura would like to offer an alternative.
As we discussed in a previous post, we are highly complimentary of the work that Mediacore did.  They advanced elements of video in education in a simple straightforward, easy-to-use way.  While their solution was not as robust as Kaltura’s,it worked, and it inspired us to focus on improving the simplicity of our educator and student workflows.
In the last few months since the announcement, Kaltura began offering an easy migration program that will allow current MediaCore customers to seamlessly move their video assets. For former MediaCore customers looking to transfer their videos, we can help with a video content conversion tool as well as the professional services for more advanced cases to make your transition a smooth one.  Most importantly, we are doing this with an extreme focus on being cost effective during this time for you.

How to Transition from MediaCore

Kaltura offers a MediaCore alternative for clients looking to transition video platforms.MediaCore videos will be automatically uploaded to Kaltura. Your video metadata and other valuable information, such as the name of the user who originally uploaded the file and related files associated with the media, will be imported as well. For schools and enterprises looking to preserve their videos, this is the easiest and most stress-free way to move your media assets.
In addition, by switching to Kaltura, organizations will be able to take advantage of a number of cutting edge services that can be used with these imported videos, including interactive video quizzing and automated captioning services. With content creation tools like Kaltura CaptureSpace, adding to your video library has never been easier. And since Kaltura offers integrations with all of the leading LMSs as well as IBM Connections, SharePoint, Drupal, and more, your video repositories can easily be integrated into workflows throughout your institution.
Migrating platforms is stressful and confusing. But for MediaCore customers looking for a replacement, Kaltura is ready to help smooth your transition so you can get back to what you do best—creating and using great video content.
Are you looking for a replacement for MediaCore for your video platform needs? Get more details.

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