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Meet Kaltura at IBC Amsterdam

IBC 2013 logoSo are you all excited about next week as much as us? And no, we are not talking about the new iPhone 5S or 5C (or both) that are rumoured to be announced. We are actually more excited about all the cool announcements and demos that Kaltura has in store for IBC 2013, which will take place in Amsterdam (September 12th-17th). We will be there at Booth, Hall 3, B 20.
Like what, you ask? Well…

Subscription based video portal– this week we released MediaSpace 5. The improved navigation, responsive design and the internationalised UI (Spanish, German and French) make it the perfect turn-key solution for global media companies looking to monetise their content using ads. However, we are also hard at work creating a subscription-based (SVOD) MediaSpace so customers can get access to great ad-free content by paying a monthly fee. We will share some more info on this during IBC – so make sure to stay tuned.
The future of video streaming – come see a demo of MPEG-DASH adaptive streaming protocol, which has been developed by Google and Microsoft. We are really excited about this new streaming standard that is projected to make it so much easier to stream to Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers as well as the latest Android phones and connected TVs. MPEG-DASH also offers exciting capabilities when it comes to video streaming live events. We have been experimenting with DASH and the Kaltura player, so be sure to drop by to see the two in action.
The Kaltura player: now sexier and faster than ever – the robust Kaltura player is the crown jewel of our platform. It’s been the fastest and most feature rich HTML5 player for a long time. IBC feels like the perfect time to give it some nice upgrades with new skins, better mobile support, additional sharing capabilities and the best 508 compliant player in the market.

Capture d’écran 2013-09-04 à 17.42.11

What else? – we have had great talks with some of the most innovative players in the live events broadcasting space. We will announce those partnerships during IBC. Keep following us here, on Facebook and LinkedIn.
Schedule a meeting – some of our top product and sales Kalturians will attend IBC and we want to meet you. If you would like to schedule a meeting, drop us a line here ([email protected])
Come to our booth – Kaltura will be exhibiting in the Israeli pavilion, so please make sure to come say hello – Booth, Hall 3, B 20.
See you next week!

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