MediaSpace Go is here!

MediaSpace Go - Kaltura Native Mobile app

MediaSpace GoCurrent customers might have noticed that we’ve slowly been giving MediaSpace a facelift. The latest change? A new, updated mobile app for both iOS and Android. The mobile app, which we’re calling MediaSpace Go, isn’t just gorgeous. It’s also got some fun new features for users to play with:

  • Offline playback: So you can download videos to watch on the go
  • Unified search: Delivering matching results across media’s metadata, categories, channels, captions, and slides
  • Smart banner: Managing user experience between viewing content on the mobile browser and in the native application
  • “Inspiration” workflows: Helping you discover content based on the time you have available to watch it, in a fun game-like experience

It can even be custom branded.
Check it out:

Already a Kaltura customer and interested in switching over? Let us know.

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