Maximizing Video SEO With Kaltura

 Introduction to Video SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

Kaltura provides the means to achieving optimal Video SEO utilizing cutting edge Video SEO techniques.
This post  introduces you to Video SEO, and shows you how to use Kaltura’s tools and capabilities to achieve the best Video SEO results possible.

Why Video SEO?

There are many good and perhaps obvious reasons why SEO is important for any website owner.  Video SEO differs from general SEO in two important ways:

  • Video content is not easily discoverable by search engines
  • Achieving great SEO results for video content is still much easier than for traditional SEO.

The bottom line is that Video SEO is effective. 
Some proven results are:

Achieving optimal Video SEO involves several principles, some in line with general SEO practices and some unique to Video SEO.
There are two techniques that are unique to Video SEO, and only when used together, will achieve the best results possible.

  1. Submitting a Video Site Map and providing a mechanism that always serves the most current content on your site whenever a search engine re-polls that site map. This is the easier step and the one with the most impact.
  2. Optimizing your site for organic search results. This technique makes it easy for search engines to traverse (crawl) your site, find the video content, understand that it is video (or other media*), and recognize all the related components, such as title, description, tags, etc.

* All future references to “video” are defined as all media types supported by Kaltura, and the Kaltura Dynamic Player (KDP).
The article linked below describes the details of what is required, by both the site developer and by the site’s manager (the Kaltura Management Console user), to implement both techniques to maximize the Video SEO.
Kaltura Video SEO – Jan 2011

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