Mastering the Science of Marketing

science of marketing

I guess I’m a marketer now.
Six months ago, Kaltura was looking for a digital marketer to expand its quickly growing marketing department. I’d never done marketing before – my most recent position was as COO of a brand new startup. There, I did everything, from sales to customer relations to putting together the acquisition deal. But a larger company bought us up with just 12 employees. We didn’t reach the size where we could, or should “market”.
But Kaltura is a place that values intelligence, drive, and flexibility over paper resumes. They wanted someone who had worked at startups, who had a lot of energy, and who could learn new things. In digital marketing, everything changes so fast that even experienced marketers are constantly learning new things. It meant I had to learn a little faster than most.
Kaltura was about to cross a threshold when I joined. It had 400 employees spread across New York, Israel, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Nine years old, it was getting ready to take another cash infusion and explore going public in a couple of years. Good Golly Miss Molly, this was a new world from my old tiny shop!
With the expanding team, we were focusing harder than ever on the science of marketing, not just the art. Unlike in a garage-bound shop, we took the nuts and bolts of marketing seriously. My first job was to pick up the reins and fine-tune the “SEO” for the website. Huh? Search Engine Optimization, sir! I scrambled to learn what this was. Fortunately, our site already had the fundamentals locked down. I could focus on the little tweaks that would make the site even easier to navigate. Soon, I was tinkering with metadata and keywords with the best of them.
But it wasn’t long before I discovered that the main site was only the beginning of my worries. Remember how we were spread out across multiple continents? That’s right—we also had multiple languages to support. Now I was doing SEO in German, Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, and Japanese. ¿Gracias?
With more hands on board, we could get more serious about the biggest holy grail in marketing—metrics. My colleagues wanted more, better, more frequent reports on everything: conversion rates, email performance, website flow. (Time for another web search!) Soon I found myself amidst my grad school textbooks to figure out how to do statistical analyses of our work!
Meanwhile, all around me, the company was raising money and reorganizing. With a client base that included some of the biggest organizations from around the world, Kaltura has been proving the increasing importance of video in every aspect of our lives, from education to enterprise to entertainment. In the time that I’ve been here I’ve watched the company grow… and my skills as a marketer grow with it. So excuse me, I need to get back to those textbooks….


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