Mapping Video Usage in Education

trends in education video usage

We recently held a webinar, “The Latest Word on Video in Education: Get the 2017 Survey Results,” to review the results of the State of Video in Education 2017. But during the webinar, we also polled our attendees. So we decided to share the results of that, as well!

Trends in Educational Video Usage

how is video used in education
Clearly our audience thinks video usage is going to continue to increase!

Capturing Lectures on Video

is lecture capture on video
Nearly three-quarters of the attendees are currently capturing lectures on video, as well.

Tools Necessary to Use Video

What tools do staff need to use video?
More interestingly, some diversity in opinions shows up when we asked respondents what their staff needs to take better advantage of video. A third believe their faculty needs more training on how to use video and video tools. And a third think they need both equipment and training!

Role of Video on Campus

What role does video have on campus
Video’s biggest role is for distance learning for the largest proportion of our audience’s institutions. A quarter also thought video’s most important role is to make material more interesting.

Fastest Growing Uses of Video on Campus

fastest growing uses of video in the classroom
When thinking about what uses of video in the classroom are growing the fastest, the most respondents chose lecture capture. But video assignments also seem to be picking up steam.

If you’d like to see more on trends in video, you can watch the recording of the webinar “The Latest Word on Video in Education: Get the 2017 Survey Results.”

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