Managing Captions, Easier Than Ever

At the end of the year, we rolled out REACH 2.0. REACH has always been a fantastically convenient way to add captions to your media, to increase search, discoverability, and accessibility. Now, with REACH 2.0, we make managing captions on your media easier than ever.

Highlights of REACH 2.0

Get an overview with this quick walkthrough video.

Centralized REACH Dashboard

It’s now possible to manage, track, and control requests, billing, and usage all in one place. You can easily see the status of all your captions requests in one place, with their costs. We added sophisticated filters to make it easier to drill down and examine just the requests you’re most interested in. You can monitor how many credits you have left in the account and how many you have used to date.

Notifications let you know:

  • When a caption request was rejected by the admin
  • When a caption request was approved by the admin
  • When captions were completed
  • When the account/profile reaches the credit limit (75%, 90%, 100%)

These notifications are aggregated by the user – no overwhelming flood of tiny notifications.

More Flexible Moderation Flows

In REACH 2.0, it’s easy to create rules for automatically ordering captions, at the channel, category, or account level. This can be done from a specific channel or gallery in Kaltura MediaSpace or  one of the Kaltura Application Framework integrations (such as Blackboard, Canvas, etc.), or from the entries list in the Kaltura Management Console. Manual ordering can be done both individually and in bulk.
Moderating requests is also easier. You can moderate requests by service (either ASR or human-based captions), request additional information including costs, and approve requests in bulk.

Editing Captions

Editing captions and transcripts is easier than ever before with a simplified caption editor and transcript widget. This applies not only to captions created via REACH, but also captions uploaded by the user. Shortcuts are now available. You can use the Automatic Transcript Widget to search, edit, and download transcripts.

Compliance with Security and Privacy Requirements

REACH 2.0 includes everything you need to make sure you stay in compliance with multiple regulations. This includes a deletion policy as well as compliance with the Data Processing Agreement standard and GDPR.

More Coming Soon

We’re not done yet. Managing captions on your videos will only get easier. Expect more updates to REACH that will continue to make it more powerful and flexible, for the easiest and most effective enrichment to your videos.


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