How to Make Great Video: Recording for Video Editing

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You don’t necessarily have to edit your video. If you’re doing something simple and you’re happy with how it came out, you might be able to just upload your recording as-is. But if you’re planning to do a little light editing later, it’s a good idea to think about that before you start recording at all.
It’s a good idea to understand what the editing tools you’re planning to use are capable of (and how well you want to get to know them). Those capabilities can determine how you want to record in the first place.

Video Editing Options

Video editing toolsOne relatively easy thing to do is to string several clips of videos together. How much of this you plan to do determines how perfect you have to get any one take. Sometimes professional videographers will film from several different angles. This allows them to change the angle a couple of times over the course of the video, which makes things more interesting, visually. It also means you only have to be perfect for one paragraph at a time. If you plan to use this technique, you can just get through a few sentences, stop, change the angle, and then get through another few sentences. This way you don’t have to have the entire thing memorized and perfect.
It’s even easier to hide mistakes if you’re not actually appearing in the video. If you’re doing audio over a screenshot and you make a mistake, you can always just stop what you’re doing and say it again. Then, when you get to editing, you can clip out your mistake. Make sure you have a long enough pause between that it’s easy to isolate the part you want to get rid of.
If you’re not planning to edit, that’s also valuable to know. In that case, make sure you practice several times before you start recording. If you make a mistake, you’ll want to start over.
Remember, if you are planning to do any editing, you’ll get better footage from a phone camera than you would from a laptop.

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