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The First London Video Meetup! The Rise of Social Video: Using Facebook, Twitter and UGC to Attract and Engage

London Video Meetup
It’s been an absolutely buzzing week in the new Kaltura Europe Head Office! First, we settled into our new space by furnishing it with sofas and desks…then we cleared them all to host our first London Video Meetup! This was the first of many video community Meetups we’ll be organising, in fact, there will be a minimum of one every month.
The theme for the first Meetup was Social Video: “The Rise of Social Video: Using Facebook, Twitter and UGC to Attract and Engage”. We lined up three excellent speakers, brought out the beer and pizza, and hoped we would have a nice group of people to share our experiences with.
Kaltura Europe Office
As the number of attendees approached 100, we realised how valuable a video meetup was to people. I say ‘people’ because the audience was incredibly diverse. There were video makers, consumers, developers, service providers, editors…you name it, we had them attend! What was so great about the varied audience was the 360 degree view of the video ecosystem. The networking was incredible as everyone connected with someone new as a customer, provider, teacher or developer.

London Video Meetup Attendees
London Video Meetup Attendees

Our three speakers each focused on a different area: I covered why this is such a hot topic (and I will happily carry on the conversation @charlyplaying). Lindsey Kistler of YouView covered the connected TV space, including the future and development in this exciting area (you can carry on the conversation @lindseykistler), Jonny Freeman from i2 Media Research (who is a senior lecturer at Goldsmiths University) gave a gripping insight into the psychology of the social media user – if you don’t know Jonny, you should! Everyone loved his presentation and there was a stack of jaw-dropping facts about the social media audience. You can find him @jonnyfreeman to find out more 🙂 Finally, Eddie Robins from Groovy Gecko demonstrated the draw of live video on Facebook…the numbers watching these live events were astounding – speak to @GroovyGecko for their demo links and details.
So, we are off to a flying start! See you at the next one?! We’ll keep you posted here. Please visit our Facebook Group too.

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