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Kaltura’s Server Test Infrastructure Failure Report

As stated in the introduction post: the test infrastructure gives you a full detailed report on what tests, objects and even fields weren’t valid.
The failure report is in XML format and provides an easy to navigate hierarchy for the test failures.

The failure report from the command line

*Example of a failure report in command line
 failed field: CommandLines, expected value = null, actual result = array().

Main Concepts:

  • TestCaseInstanceFailures:
    The basic test failure object is the “TestCaseInstanceFailure” – which defines an error for a specific test procedure with a specific data set.
    It describes the inputs for the test and the failures that were found in each field with the output reference (expected value) and the actual result.


  • TestProcedureFailures:
    One hierarchy up you have the “TestProcedureFailures” which can hold several test case instance failures – each test procedure can have many test case instances.


  • TestCaseFailures:
    The highest hierarchy is the “TestCaseFailures” which in turn can hold several test procedure failures – each test case is made from several test procedures.

A full auto generated failure report

*Example of a full failure report

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