Kaltura’s Happy Hour Promoting Gender Equality – IBC 2019

Updated September 14 2019
Updated September 14 2019

Have you ever been to the mall on a Saturday? If you have, you know that the line to the men’s bathroom is virtually non-existent, and yet the women’s line wraps around the food court. This is the case in many places. Except at IBC. Here at IBC, the men outnumber the women so significantly, that the women’s restroom is perpetually silent.


Why am I telling you this? Today at IBC, right at our booth, we celebrated the launch of our new initiative promoting gender equality in tech. We hosted a happy hour where hundreds of people came to have a drink and hear our executives share their thoughts on the matter. Sigal Srur, our SVP of HR, shared her experiences as a woman trying to rise the ranks in the tech industry, and Maria Rua Aguete, Executive Director of Technology, Media and Entertainment at IHS Markit, honored us with sharing her experience as a woman in the tech industry. Additionally, Shay David, President and GM of Kaltura Media and Telecom, and Ron Yekutiel, CEO of Kaltura, expressed their deep support and commitment to the equality.


The happy hour provided a whirlwind of emotions: excitement that we are finally bringing this important issue to the front lines, frustration that it will still take so long to create true equality in the tech industry, and hope that other tech companies will find value in our initiative and join us in striving for gender equality. Besides for the great wine and inspiration, we believe our attendees left as true partners for the cause.


If you didn’t get a chance to join us today, please read our mission statement to hear what Kaltura aims to accomplish in the next 5 years in terms of gender equality.


More importantly, if you feel as strongly as we do about gender equality, sign our petition to show us your support, and then, go tell your bosses to join the cause as well!