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Kaltura’s (Euro)Vision

Eurovision, the longest running annual TV music competition, has officially begun! Hundreds of thousands are expected to take part in the festive week in person. The White City will be an endless party for seven days and nights. Revelers will take to the streets and music will play into the wee hours. Beyond all that, Eurovision remains the quintessential television experience. Hundreds of millions will watch the gala from their living room or favorite pub.

Being one of the one most widely watched shows in the world, as of 2018, the Eurovision attracted 186 million TV viewers and 41 million unique viewers on YouTube. Think about that for a second. These numbers are mindblowing, especially if you consider this is an event that lasts less than a week and comes around every single year. Therefore, it’s one of the most deeply analyzed video experiences in existence, and the demographics of Eurovision watchers have been well studied by marketeers of the European Broadcast Union and others.

Let’s take it one step further. Imagine if TV service providers could take that knowledge and data and use it to understand their users on a much deeper level. The viewing habits, alongside other demographic data the providers can extrapolate can help create more targeted segments. What a fantastic thing to leverage! By taking this available data and cross matching it with the packages, and overall habits (outside the Eurovision) of their subscribers, the TV service providers could:

  • – Increase retention by providing the user with targeted recommendations
  • – Increase Ads revenue with targeted Ads
  • – Increase ARPU with special offers and coupons targeted to sub-groups within the Eurovision viewer population

Kaltura’s Targeted TV award-winning solution allows TV Service Providers to act on data by leveraging its AI infused User Segmentation Engine to identify opportunities, create marketing campaign experiments with tailored promotions, measure success, boost engagement, increase ARPU, and improve user stickiness.

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