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Kaltura’s Corporate Website Undergoes Extreme Makeover

After several months of planning and development, I am delighted to announce that our new and improved website is live! You can go to to check it out.
This new website is designed to cater to Kaltura’s updated messaging and highlight the key industries we serve. We have included detailed information about our video solutions for Media and Entertainment, Enterprise, Education and Service Providers, with lots of great resources at your fingertips. The new site also includes a robust Products section with details on Kaltura’s wide range of platform features, and information about Kaltura’s end to end video solutions, the Kaltura API and SDK, deployment options and much more.

Some highlights:

If you haven’t started a free trial of the Kaltura Management Console (SaaS) yet, make sure to get started today, and of course contact us should you have any questions.
We hope you enjoy the new site!

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