Kaltura Wins IMS Annual Leadership Award

On Monday the 4th at a pre-conference reception held by the Learning Leadership Impact Institute our efforts to promote interoperability of media assets for the education community to support collaboration among vendors, K12 districts and institutions was recognized. As a founding member of the Open Video Standard working group we were presented with a leadership award from IMS for driving industry innovation in the area. Rob Able, CEO of IMS had this to say about the award:

“IMS Global believes that adaptation of existing standards for video is a learning resources and Kaltura’s leadership in the Open Video Standard working group has been key to moving this forward. Much like LTI, Caliper Analytics and Common Cartridge before it… Open Video supports interoperability and removes barriers for our institutional partners.”

While we are flattered to win the award, we hope this signifies our continued efforts in pushing the education technology space forward. Much work is still to be done in this arena and this is just the start. While others in the video space may talk about openness, they are only open to others sending content to them. The Open Video Standard is for us at Kaltura to make our assets equally as portable and interoperable in others systems as well. It’s our belief that being leader in educational technology is building tools, standards and processes that move the entire industry forward, not just what is good for Kaltura but what is great for education – then we all win!

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