Kaltura Stories: ‘Connected’ to Video

The first time I felt the need to incorporate video in the classroom was when I tried explaining the tunneling phenomenon to the students in my Quantum Mechanics course. As a former adjunct chemistry professor, I found that scientific concepts were often too abstract to explain with just words, even with my creative hand motions. Eventually, I sent my students YouTube links to videos, which visualized the concepts we were discussing in the classroom, through course messaging on Blackboard. These videos were a great learning resource, but I was still in the dark as to how or if my students were using them. I needed a solution for sharing videos in the classroom that would also provide usage data and analytics. How many students watched the video? When did they watch? For how long? Was it useful?
One night, while venting to my spouse about the frustration of pantomiming quantum mechanics concepts to my class, he voiced an alternative option—Kaltura’s video solutions for educational institutions. I realized right then and there that my next career move needed to include both video and education. I took a job with the very company that helped solve my problem explaining hard concepts in the classroom, and I’m now head of the new Kaltura University video training platform. The platform I’m designing empowers customers, partners, and employees to be more successful with Kaltura through knowledge and video learning and training.
Weeks before starting my job at Kaltura, I was offered a part in Connected PosterAOL’s groundbreaking new documentary series, ‘Connected’—video was officially taking over my life. Because of the unique format of the show, streamed exclusively on AOL’s new OTT platform, I filmed myself, documentary-style, with a hand-handled camera for eight months 24/7, resulting in hundreds of hours of raw video footage edited down to tell my life story.
After weeks of “video-selfie-ing,” the power of video finally clicked for me. It’s all about engagement. Today, both my professional and personal lives are surrounded by video, and it makes me feel more connected to everything. In the era of digital TV, where more and more people are watching ‘over the top’ video content across smart devices, video really does help us to connect.
Watch me start my adventure at Kaltura on AOL’s docu-series, ‘Connected’, here.

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