Kaltura and SpeakerText Launch End-to-End Integration

Kaltura is pleased to announce a complete integration with leading captioning and transcription service SpeakerText.  This partnership provides Kaltura REACH customers with another automated workflow for their transcription and captioning needs.  Learn more about adding SpeakerText to your workflow on our partner marketplace, Kaltura Exchange and visit the SpeakerText Blog to read their thoughts on the integration.


SpeakerText blends advanced technology and human intelligence to provide fast, accurate captions and transcriptions at a low cost.  By splitting the audio & video recordings into 10 second clips and sending them to thousands of trained cloud workers, SpeakerText can complete the transcription process in as little as three hours.

Kaltura REACH

Kaltura REACH is a video discovery, search, and accessibility suite that helps organizations deliver the best video experiences for every audience group, across every device. With Kaltura REACH, organizations can access global-audiences, comply with government regulations and industry standards, and capture accurate data. Learn more about REACH on our features page.

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