Kaltura Refreshed

Kaltura new funding round

For years now, Kaltura has been the leading video platform. This week, we got a big vote of confidence, along with a brand new look.

New Funding Round

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve secured a $50 million pre-IPO funding round from Goldman Sachs’ Private Capital Investing group.
Holger Staude, Vice President in Goldman Sachs’ Private Capital Investing group, will be joining Kaltura’s board of directors.
“Kaltura has developed market-leading technology with a flexible architecture that stands out to us as a strong and sustainable advantage,” said Hillel Moerman, Co-Head of Goldman Sachs’ Private Capital Investing group. “Kaltura has an impressive roster of marquee customers across a large and diversified set of markets and an experienced management team that has demonstrated excellence, agility, and leadership.”

New Branding: Everything Video

To go along with this announcement, you may have noticed that Kaltura’s blog has gotten a little bit of a facelift! Welcome to Kaltura’s refreshed branding.
We’ve had our logo since 2006. The Kaltura sun was meant to represent our values of openness, flexibility, and collaboration. In that time, we’ve evolved from a small start up to the leading video technology company. Our new logo reflects this evolution. This is not a rebranding—we have not outgrown our original values. But we have added to them as we’ve matured, and our new logo reflects a more mature company and all that it represents. We still have the solid core at the center, representing the core platform based on our robust APIs, with the outward reaching rays, representing how we power virtually any video experience and workflow..
We’ve similarly updated our brand promise. As we’ve grown into supporting every video use case, we wanted something that reflected our broad, flexible approach. “Everything Video” describes not only what we do, but who we are. We’re planning to use the additional capital from the funding round to extend our footprint across all six continents, and to further our positioning as the “Everything Video” company – providing leading video products for an unprecedented array of markets and use-cases.
But the biggest change is the change in logo format. We’re a video company; we believe in the power of movement. So it seems appropriate that our logo itself is now dynamic.
Kaltura animated logo
Here at Kaltura, we’re excited to start a new chapter. It’s not so very different from the old Kaltura—think of it as an evolution and a distilling of our best selves. We hope you enjoy our new branding. You can rest assured that it reflects the experience you’ve come to associate with Kaltura.

Take a look at our refreshed homepage!

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