Kaltura HTML5 library updates

Kaltura’s HTML5 Video library provides seamless video playback across desktop or mobile browser. Regardless of the underlining playback mechanism ( html5 or flash) the library provides a consistent api to develop for. In this most recent release we have made many improvements to the library from improved support for limited capacity devices to full VAST ad support for HTML5 and iPad.
As always, the easiest way of installing the Kaltura HTML5 Video and Media Javascript Library is to embed a video from Kaltura as either a Flash embed or a HTML5 video tag and then include our module loading script from in your document head.

Sita Sings the Blues by Nina Paley

Naturally the library supports the kaltura api. If you host your video on a Kaltura Server, you can insert a video simply by adding the following attributes to a video tag: Kaltura Entry ID, Kaltura Widget ID, and Kaltura Partner ID.
The library is modular to reduce load time by only loading the modules needed, keeping your page load times short and providing a structured environment for library extension. Wikipedia, The Internet Archive, P2P next and Universal Subtitles have already contributed modules providing everything from, subtitle editing to p2p transport.  To see examples of module construction, have a look at the Universal Subtitles module to see the module loading pattern.
We’ve made great strides in advertisement support recently, and our library now boasts VAST ad server support with companion ads across desktop and mobile browsers. Documentation for HTML5 Advertisement Support will get you started and the demonstrations in the module’s test folders will show you the possibilities:

Other areas we are focusing on in are QA testing via Selenium which will be fully implemented in the near future, and we’re working on updating to make it more informative and useful to both developers and designers, expect detailed updates on these in the coming weeks.
Upcoming Blog Posts

  • Overview of Updates to
  • Common Use Cases and Highlights of Sites Using HTML5 Video
  • Selenium Testing to insure cross browser and cross device compatibility
  • Module developers guide

Feel free to stop by #kaltura on Freenode IRC and the forums for help with integrations; check out the source code for access to upcoming features like the sequence editor, and if you run into any errors please file a report on the bug tracker.


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