Kaltura Exchange – The Global Video Solutions Marketplace

To succeed in today’s market, companies need innovative ideas, must be agile, deploy stable solutions quickly, reach a wide audience and impress the enterprise giants.
It’s no wonder then that many ISVs, startups and solution providers are turning to the Kaltura Exchange, the Video Application and Services Marketplace, where Kaltura Technology Partners showcase their solutions and services to over 150,000 Kaltura SaaS publishers and thousands of Kaltura admins and service providers worldwide.
The heart of the Kaltura Platform is in its extremely flexible core and endless extension possibilities. A wealth of Web Services (REST API) and associated SDKs (API Client Libraries) coupled with Open Source licensing and flexible business models allow Kaltura Tech Partners to create powerful tools, innovative solutions and services.

Kaltura Exchange Partners are able to integrate their portals and enterprise applications with the Kaltura Platform at a variety of levels, collaborate with a highly engaged community of experts, target a wider audience and increase their customer base.
The integrated solutions and services brought by Kaltura Partners benefit Kaltura customers and their end users by adding a wide range of seamlessly integrated environments on top of the Kaltura Platform rich media functionalities.
The applications and services you can find on the Kaltura Exchange range from Player Themes & Skins , Monetization Solutions for Advertising and e-Commerce, Subtitles & Accessibility, Transcription, Translation Services, Analytics, Distribution, Syndication, OTT & TV Everywhere, Interactive Video Comments and Annotations, Encoding Solutions and Services, Integration Kits with all major Content Management Systems (CMS) and Learning Management Systems (LMS), Social Interactivity Layers, Content Discovery and many more innovative services and solutions to enrich your online video experiences and engage your users.
We are committed to continuously enhancing and expanding the Kaltura Exchange, bringing our publishers the best and most exciting services and solutions, and to continue making Kaltura the most flexible Media Asset Management Solution in the industry!
Stay tuned as we work on new developments in the Kaltura Exchange, including new benefits for the Tech Partners program, and sharing case studies of exciting applications offered in the Kaltura Exchange at
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