Kaltura Drupal 7 module

This is a guest post by our Drupal partners – Linnovate.
Lior Kesos is a veteran open source geek innovator and co-founder of Linnovate a leading drupal shop from Israel and a creative Kaltura integrator.We’ve been busy at work getting the Kaltura Drupal module upgraded to Drupal 7.With the new architecture, we’ve moved from having a “Kaltura Node” to a Field based integration. This is crazy! We’re now realizing the gamut of exciting new features we can create in Drupal with the Kaltura Video Fields associated to various Drupal elements.
As we’re releasing the alpha version for everyone to play around with, I thought I’d share some of the cool things that I have been playing around with so far –
Comment Expressively – Video Commenting
Discussions are way more fun when you’re heard and seen. Now you’re able to record with a webcam or upload a pre-recorded or edited video, into any comment. Finish every post with a short video encouraging people to video-comment themselves, and watch as a live active discussion will take place right below the article!

No More Boring Avatars – Video Powered User Profiles
Using the Kaltura Video Field, you are now able to replace the image with a video or add a video instead of the Bio text.
The user profile pages will now become the center of attention keeping users on your site for longer. Got a social network or dating site? Using video on the user profile will increase credibility and create a more engaging experience for your users.
Taxonomy Image On Steroids! – Category Video
The Kaltura Field can be of any type of media (picture, audio, and video).
Say you have an ‘elephants’ category, instead of just having text or a simple image to describe the category, you could post a taxonomy video in the head of the taxonomy page, presenting an elephants video above the tagged nodes. Taxonomy pages are now compelling and more descriptive than ever!
Try out the Module at –
Let us know your thoughts and ideas for more features below.

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