Kaltura ‘cracks the code’ for reliable live video streaming on Android devices

Today we are excited to announce that Kaltura is first to market with an open source Android HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) library. Kaltura’s video library streamlines and simplifies video playback on Android devices. We’re complementing this with the launch of an open source Flash HLS library.
At Kaltura, we understood that the disconnected nature of the Android ecosystem has made it difficult to provide smooth HLS video delivery. Android users have become reluctant to expect much when it comes to advanced playback options like adaptive streaming and captioning. Our open source library is designed specifically to overcome these problems. Finally it’s possible to have the high quality HLS playback experience from iOS devices on Android.
While the library can operate on a standalone basis, it is also fully integrated into the Kaltura Video Player Toolkit. This makes it possible to deliver a smooth HLS experience across the entire Kaltura video player feature set including analytics, monetization, and user engagement.
More details on the technical components of the library are available here.

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