Kaltura Community Edition 2.0 Launches

We take open source seriously at Kaltura, and our new multi-publisher, multi-user Community Edition (CE) version 2.0 adds a bunch of requested features from developers, clients, and the community at large. Posted only 5 days ago, CE 2.0 has already been downloaded almost 500 times.
Written in PHP 5, Javascript and Actionscript, Community Edition version 2.0 is a video management platform you can run on your Linux server (Ubuntu 10.4 is supported now with other OS’s coming soon). Kaltura uses the Affero GPL license.
Once you’ve deployed the Kaltura CE, you can upload your videos where they will be automatically transcoded for various devices. You can also setup video players, playlists, and more. If you’re running a popular CMS such as Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Moodle, TikiWiki, Elgg, Alfresco, or BuddyPress, we have free modules for you, so that you can quickly integrate your CE into the CMS for your site. We also have API libraries, for our REST API, in Flash, Flex, PHP, Javascript, C# (.NET), Ruby, Java, and Python. The CMS modules and API libraries can be found on our projects page.

The CE uses the same REST API that our hosted SaaS (Softare as a Service) version uses, so you can quickly write applications that take advantage of all of the CE’s power. We’re still working on code samples, but you can browse our SVN for some PHP samples. If you’re a developer who likes to write short, succinct, code samples, we’d love some contributions for languages like C#, Ruby, Java, and Python.
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