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Kajoo, a Joomla (inter)face for Kaltura (Slideshow)

This is a guest post by Nuno Zimas, the project manager of Kajoo; a set of extensions for the award-winning Joomla CMS which offers flexible interfaces to handle media assets stored on a Kaltura powered streaming server.
(Check out the demo and learn more about Kajoo HERE)
Have you ever had a potential client burst into your office announcing they have an idea for the next big thing? They even seem to be hesitant to share it with you because it’s just that good. Over the years we have learned to approach them with quiet scepticism and swear upfront that we will keep it secret and not steal this jewel. And then reality kicks in as it becomes apparent that what kept them up the previous night wasn’t anything novel. It is something that has been done time and time again. Perhaps it is a clone of whatever social media platform is in this season. Or maybe it is something that “is like but not necessarily” Amazon.  Whatever it may be, it is almost always a copy-cat (as well as a borderline copyright infringement) with some twistthat’s supposed to make it unique or revolutionary. Sadly it never does.
Instead of locating a niche worth exploring and the real demands that follow it, many an entrepreneur engage in barren dreams of grandeur. For the aspiring trailblazer, the well-paved path might not be as glamorous as the one never taken, but it may actually produce something worthwhile and useful, even if it is only for a highly specialized group of people.
Kajoo was born out of such necessity. On one hand it was only logical to finally create a bridge between Joomla, one of the most used CMS’ around, and Kaltura, a hot-shot in the world of video solutions. On the other, the project we were commissioned with has posed challenges that no other Joomla extension could meet. The odds and ends of the television industry go far beyond what you may imagine and a portal for TV content suppliers and buyers turned out to be a tricky mix of an online media platform and powerful catalogue of programmes from all over the world. For professionals, by professionals. The main catalyst that fuelled the decision to develop a custom extension was the need for a powerful yet easy to manage custom metadata system that supports multiple publishers and can tightly communicate with other aspects of the business dynamics not covered by Kaltura, namely rights management and CRM. It may seem over-the-top if what you need is a modest website showcasing personal videos, however for a global content distribution network it’s a must. Scaling down is always easier than up and thinking big on the development stage will benefit everyone involved, especially the end-user.
Other notable features of Kajoo include:

  • Rights management and sales workflow
  • Custom reporting and catalogues generator
  • “Edit in place” function for all editable elements
  • Flexible frontend layouts

All this is available for multiple Kaltura publishers and on multiple Kaltura instances, even if they are on different locations. All the options are configurable at all levels of administration so you get as much or as little as you require. The basic open-source edition of Kajoo can be downloaded for free under the terms of the GPL v3. It may just turn out it’s more than enough for you and your project. If however you need to unlock all the goodies, you can do so by purchasing a subscription plan which will also give you access to professional support, documentation and updates. Take it for a spin and decide if it suits you. You can upgrade any time you find convenient without the risk of jeopardizing your project’s progress.
For more information, check out this powerpoint presentation.

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