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How leading companies use enterprise video

Video is everywhere in the enterprise. Businesses are increasingly using video in every department, for use cases as diverse as public earnings calls, customer instructions, compliance training, marketing, team meetings, knowledge retention, corporate events, onboarding, and team building. Around the world, companies are creating exciting new uses for video to improve communication and boost their business.
In our State of Video in the Enterprise survey, we mapped out some of the leading use cases for video in the enterprise. Marketing is of course a major use; but maybe surprisingly, training (both internal and external) is even more important.
Use cases for enterprise video

Why are so many businesses turning to video?
Infographic: What Makes Video Valuable for the Enterprise?

Video is one of the most compelling, efficient ways to communicate. It makes messages more personal and easier to understand.
That’s all easy enough to say. How are companies using video in the real world?
At Kaltura Connect Enterprise Virtual Summit on Thursday, June 16, leaders from across multiple industries are going to share their experiences, challenges, and triumphs in using video for business. You’re invited to register for this complimentary event to learn from these thought leaders. Here are how some of them are using video today.

Real Companies, Real Video Solutions

Increasing Collaboration: Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research

The boundaries of scientific research are expanding daily—which can make it hard to keep everyone up to date. Novartis has 6,000 scientists working on various treatments, including curing cancer by teaching immune systems to fight back. By consolidating to a single SaaS platform, they were able to unify their knowledge sharing and collaboration strategy, including scientific seminars, guest lecturers on treatments, even training videos on new technologies and equipment all in a secure Enterprise YouTube. But they didn’t stop there, Novartis also leverage video for marketing, and their unique NERD portal launched to encourage open science and provoke collaboration and engagement from the community.

Monetizing Video: Halliburton

Halliburton, one of the world’s largest oil and gas services companies, has taken a full-throttle approach to enterprise video. Embracing video across the organization, Halliburton and its software company, Landmark Solutions, have launched more than 500 product videos from within their customer portal, published marketing videos across the company’s websites, and are now deploying an internal social video portal for knowledge sharing and collaboration. Customers now flock to their video training courses.

Uniting a Multinational Company: Skanska

How does one build a global digital workplace for a multinational company with strong local presence? As one of the world’s largest construction and development companies in the world, Skanska turned to their employees to find out what their needs and expectations were for collaboration, information and knowledge sharing. 100 personal interviews and a survey for 2200 employees charted not only how they shared knowledge across the organization, but the way in which they understood the effect their individual contributions had on the larger puzzle. They then used this knowledge to create a world-class video platform that could be used to connect distant teams, build company culture, share information, and even promote workplace safety.

Revolutionizing the Interview: videoBIO

One of the biggest keys to a successful business is hiring the right people; it can also be one of the biggest challenges. Getting to know candidates well enough to make the right decision means spending time and resources that are in scarce supply. VideoBio is helping global enterprises use video assessment to speed up the process of getting an authentic look at candidates. With video interviews, companies can make smarter decisions earlier in the process, streamline and digitize interviews, and connect with talent pools to screen for higher quality applicants.

Spreading Knowledge: Mayo Clinic

In modern healthcare, like many enterprises today, a major key to success is keeping staff and clients up to date. With the increasing pace of innovation, how can organizations keep everyone fully informed? The Mayo Clinic uses video across their organization, including formal training, off-campus lectures by Mayo Clinic physicians, streaming staff meetings, and even patient education both within the clinics and hospitals and then at home. With 30 channels of concurrent webcasts for 100 live events a week and 70 health systems spread across the Midwest US, the Mayo Clinic produces an amazing amount of content that is then available to employees, doctors and patients wherever they need to access it.

Secrets to Success in Enterprise Video

What’s the secret to success for these companies and others? One key is deploying a unified video solution. By streamlining video into employees’ existing workflows, with a centralized video repository and tools, companies make it easy to integrate video into every aspect of the business.
Interested in learning more details about these and other companies’ creative use of video in their business? Join Kaltura Connect Enterprise Virtual Summit, online on Thursday, June 16. Thought leaders from multiple industries will talk about how their respective companies approach video, and how video is helping them increase innovation, improve training, and even monetize their rich media content. At Kaltura Connect Enterprise Video Summit, you will learn how to empower your employees, consolidate your content, and create a successful video strategy.

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